Why Do Pets Get Cancer?

Presently, there are a lot of conditions that torment individuals. One of the most feared and well-known of these health problems is cancer. This disease has been an issue for a very long time, and an effective medication has yet to be uncovered.

Our pets are similar to us. They need food, a home, and professional treatment. They are also susceptible to conditions that also plague us. One of the most common conditions that our pets may have is cancer. This illness may strike unexpectedly and may seem to come from unknown causes.

What Are The Significant Causes of Cancer in Pets

Cancer is a condition that may come from a lot of sources. These cancer triggers may be present in our homes, and our pets may be exposed. Cancer in humans and pets may come from a range of sources. These sources may be from exposure to specific chemicals to viruses; it may also be a common disease in specific breeds.

Cancer is a major disease, and it has fatal consequences. Understanding the causes of cancer in pets would help pet owners understand how this disease could be prevented and keep their pets healthy. When this condition strikes, getting our pet to the vet for emergency care may make a difference in the outcome. Here are some of the primary causes of cancer in pets. You can search online for “animal hospital in la mesa, ca” to see local clinics.


Cancer can be caused by exposure to certain chemicals and environments. Chemicals found in chemicals, herbicides, and insecticides are the usual health hazards that must be avoided; however, our homes may have asbestos, which may also be a cancer-causing trigger. Prolonged and frequent sun exposure may also be a cause as ultraviolet radiation is also harmful. You can click here to learn more.


Viruses have also been a cause of cancer in both cats and dogs. The viruses that may develop cancer in our pets may be the hardest to avoid as our pets may be contaminated, and the duration before the signs and symptoms are seen may take a while. These viruses may need specific attention from experts on pet oncology to be treated and managed quickly.

Specific Breeds

The breed of our dog or cat may also be connected to their susceptibility to cancer. Studies have been performed by professionals and revealed that larger dog breeds are more susceptible to cancer than other breeds. These dog breeds include; Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Bernese Mountain Dogs, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers. It is vital that we consider this disease as a factor because of the cancer treatment’s relative challenge.


Our pets have similarities to us. We have the same needs and, sadly, the same susceptibility to diseases. An illness that is common among our pets is cancer. A lot of variables can cause this horrible condition. These factors may be from exposure to certain chemicals to our pets’ certain breed. The obstacles that cancer brings are staggering. It falls on our responsibility as pet owners to make sure that our pets are healthy. We need to understand the causes of this condition and take proactive action to prevent these cancer triggers as much as we can.