A Soon to Be Reality AutoMobile Technology


While automobiles globally are plagued with distracted driving, automobile manufacturers are searching for a solution. With a million public service announcements, and having new legislation that prohibits dangerous driving, car manufacturers are taking this matter into their own hands. In an effort to produce vehicles more secure and user-friendly, mobile technology has been developed. Drivers won’t have to wait long to find this new technology. Within only a few years, consumers will start to see cars with specific mobile features and GSMA expects that by the year 2025, almost every vehicle will be completely outfitted with mobile technology. The next 4 are types of mobile technology that automakers and GSMA expect to see built into all vehicles during a coming couple of years.

Driver-Oriented Features – What if your car was able to provide you alerts of roadway hazards like accidents or traffic limitations before you push? Location-based mobile devices can make this a reality very soon. Drivers will benefit benefits in many ways with the new embedded technology in their own vehicles. Some of the benefits include call support systems, weather alerts, and other motorist oriented attributes. The more this technology advances, so also will drivers capacities, which will make for safer driving and fewer distractions.

Emergency Call Systems – You just had an auto accident and realize suddenly your mobile phone flew out the car window, down a bank, and at the river, making it impossible for you to call for support. You won’t need to worry about this because today your car can reach out to help you.

Entertainment – The two drivers and passengers alike utilize their mobile devices to look at the information, access social networks and listen to music. Mobile technology improvements give your car the capacity to do this to you. Drivers who have this mobile technology find it much easier to get, which reduces their impulse to reach for the mobile phone because your vehicle has all of the information you want.

Backseat Entertainment – Many people who have children have minivans with the need to have, DVD players. Auto manufacturers are working to develop this idea further with mobile technology. There’ll be installed in the rear of the headrest, tablet computers giving rear seat passengers the ability to watch movies or play games.

Many motorists are already benefiting from mobile technology automobiles. In Russia, it will be required very soon for every vehicle to be equipped with this technology. Brazil is also likely that by 2018 all vehicles will be outfitted with stolen vehicle tracking systems. Also by 2018, 9 percent of all vehicles will include tethered solutions, 18 percent will be armed with smartphone integration and 31 percent will be outfitted with SIM technology. No doubt it’s clear as to why automakers expect that by 2025 mobile technology is going to be the norm.